King Charles Festival Concert

Wed Your Divine Sounds
Songs to the lute from the time of the Stuarts

3pm on Sunday 27th January

As part of the King Charles Festival - a weekend commemorating the execution of Charles I on 30 January 1647 - we are delighted to host a programme of songs and lute music by William and Henry Lawes, John Jenkins, Nicholas Lanier, Claudio Monteverdi and Henry Purcell, featuring Giovanni Carissimi's passionate cantata "The Lament of Mary Stuart". 
The concert is presented by Etrusca: Alessandra Testai, soprano, and Robin Jeffrey, lutes.
Tickets: £12 on the door, or £10 in advance. Email kcmconcerts@blueyonder.co.uk or visit Hall's bookshop after 5th January. Under-18s are FREE.

"Blest pair of Sirens, pledges of heaven's joy,
Sphere-born harmonious Sisters, Voice and Verse,
Wed your divine sounds, and mixed power employ,
Dead things with inbreathed sense abe to pierce..."
John Milton, At a Solemn Musick