Bach at King Charles, 5 May

There is nothing like programming music by Bach for focusing the attention. He provides I think the ultimate challenge for musicians. It is impossible to feel that the music has entirely been done justice in performance, but striving to do so is immensely rewarding.

Saturday 5 May, 7:30pm: The Decimus Consort of Voices
- J S Bach (attrib) "Ich lasse dich nicht", "O Jesu Christ, meins lebens Licht" and "Komm, Jesu, Komm"
- H Sh├╝tz, from Kliene geistliche Konzerte
- F Cavalli "Salve Regina"
- D Buxtehude "Quaemadmodum sicut cervus"
- G F Handel, arias from Ottone and L'Allegro

Kate Semmens, Caroline Preston Bell (sopranos)
Fergus McLusky, Toby Gee (altos)
Neil Thornton, Alex Churchill, Paul Bentley (tenors)
Keith Bryant, Toby Barrett (basses)
Rupert Preston Bell (director)
with Duncan Aspden (organ)

Tickets: in advance just £10 (£12 on the door). To book in advance, call in at Hall's Bookshop or email kcmconcerts@blueyonder.co.uk

The next concert is Dies Natalis on 12 May, with Greg Tassell, Anthony Zerpa-Falcon and string orchestra led by Jane Gomm.